How to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin Findom Fetish Clips

Buy My Fetish Findom Video Clips with Bitcoin! Follow My tutorial & I will show you how to buy BTC to checkout anonymously! Bitcoin is My preferred payment option because I get 100% of your hard earned cash when you use it!

Bitcoin   If you’re in the USA:

– Buy Bitcoin within minutes using with Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash: CoinMama

– Buy BTC with your Bank Account, Debit Card or Credit Card. They even have iPhone and Android apps so you can use it on the go:

– The most reputable place to buy and sell BTC in the U.S.  You’ll need to connect your bank account to buy: Coinbase

Bitcoin   If you’re in Canada:

Canadian subs are some of the luckiest subs in the world because with the availability of Interac you can buy Bitcoin instantly online.

– Purchase small amounts of Bitcoin instantly using Interac.  Input My BTC tribute address into the address field to make things easier and send it to Me direct: QuickBT.

– Same day funding. Get BTC fast using Interac.  Bank Wire and Western Union accepted too: QuadregaCX

– The most reputable place to buy and sell BTC.  You’ll need to connect your bank account to buy: Coinbase

Bitcoin   If you’re in the UK:

– Purchase with bank transfer, credit card or debit card: Bittylicious

– No ID verification needed.  Buy Bitcoin with a bank transfer.  They’re FAST! To make things even easier, give them My BTC tribute address to have it sent directly to Me: QuickBitcoin

CoinBase is an option for UK slaves as well.

Bitcoin   If you’re in Europe:

– Buy Bitcoin with Bank Wire or SEPA: Bitstamp

– Connect your Bank Account to buy.  For a list of eligible countries visit: Coinbase

– Purchase BTC with cash deposit or SEPA (USA, EU, India and Taiwan supported): BitQuick

Buy Bitcoin in Person at a Bitcoin ATM

Need to creep around wifey or keep your transactions a secret? Bitcoin ATMs are the perfect option because there is no paper trail whatsoever.  Simply deposit your cash in person at a Bitcoin ATM and scan My QR Tribute Code which you’ve saved to your phone or printed out.  Find an ATM near you:

CoinDesk Worldwide

Coin ATM Radar